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The EXP Vault is perhaps the greatest source of experience to your player. While it is possible to enter the EXP vault alone, you'll instead want to make sure you always enter with a full group of three. By teaming up you gain a Team EXP Bonus of 30%.


  • Unlocks at Lv. 70
  • Requires: Vault Ticket

Using EXP Gems

Within the EXP Vault you may use your 1.5x(EXP+50%) or 2x(EXP+100%) EXP gems. These gems do not stacks, you cannot use a 2x and 1.5x exp gem at the same time. Using an exp gem of a different type while another is currently active will overwrite and remove the currently in use gem. Adding EXP Gems of the same type will only extend the time.

Using Battlecry

You may also use a Battlecry up to a total of 10 times every time you enter. Battlecry levels are reset with each entry. Each battlecry level increases your Damage output by 10%. You may pay 10,000 gold for one battlecry up to a max of 5(+50% DMG output). If you wish to go beyond battlecry level 5 you will be required to spend bound or (prioritized) unbound diamonds costing 10 each battlecry level. You're also welcome to use your diamonds to enhance battlecry levels from the start if you'd prefer.