Glossary of Terms

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The following is a list of commonly used terms. Links that are preceded by a hashtag (#), refer to entries within this page.


Combat Power (CP)

Combat Power (CP) is a measurement used to score the strength of players, gear, gems and other such sources of power. Every player has an overall CP score which is an accumulation of many different sub-sources of CP. Guilds also have a CP score based on their members' CP scores.

Cross Server (C.S.)

Cross Server, commonly shortened to C.S., refers to events or chat that interacts across multiple servers.



A scheduled period of time in which access to otherwise restricted content is opened. There are Guild events, C.S. Events, Single and Team based PvP and PvE type events. More abnormal events even grant world benefits such as double mob experience or reducing all boss respawn cooldown by 50%.