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Welcome to the Soul Destiny wiki pages by Onovia Gaming.

Soul Destiny is an android and iOS MMORPG launched on April 16th, 2019 by EYOUGAME

There's quite a lot of content packed into this mobile game. Between daily events, guild hosted events, pvp events and more, you'll be kept busy continuously enhancing your player's Combat Power (CP).

There's quite a lot of stats that come into play along with additional stat layers from your Elf, Mount, Eudemon, Deity, and more.

You can check out the official Soul Destiny facebook page at

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Single Player Dungeons
Team Dungeons

Login/Server Options

For android users there are three login options to save your account info on the cloud. These options include logging in via Facebook, Google Play, or with an EYOUGAME account you're free to create.

Servers are divided between Asia, America, and Europe categories. Among these only Asia currently has two subcategories of Region 1 and Region 2. Server names are Alphanumeric with newer servers being higher numbers. For example, NA1-Guardian server is the first server under the America category that was created while NA6-Sodium was created at a later date. The newest servers within the America category as of 4/25/2019 are NA35-Bebelot and NA34-Neist.

We can however expect server merges in the future as this is a common approach for deteriorating server populations.