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Throughout the game players will find themselves utilizing a variety of game mechanics for increasing their character's C.P. and optimizing their gameplay style for better results. Soul Destiny has some truly helpful "quality of life" features that can save time and make your leveling or combat experiences enjoyable. Some of these mechanics/features are more obvious than others, but understanding how they work, alone or even together at times, is a crucial part in striving to become the best.

Combat & Controls

There's more than one way to engage in combat. Depending on the situation using one method of controls may be more advantageous than another. There are even times when a PvP event is known to remove auto combatting/skilling causing all controls to become manual only!


Targeting, or declaring the enemy in which you'd like to attack, can be approached by two different ways. One way to select your target is by simply tapping your desired target on the screen. When you do so, you'll notice a blue circular reticle appear underneath your selected target. The second way to choose a target is by tapping the small reticle button at the bottom left of your screen, below your primary attack button. This button cycles through nearby attackable targets.

Each targeting mechanic has its downside, however when used together they complement each other well and eliminate most targeting issues. One issue you may run into when tapping your targets happens when there are many enemies stacked atop each other. Closer targets, as enemies become bunched atop each other, may block you from tapping another target behind the closer target, which often means missing out on dealing crucial damage. When in PvP this is often a life or death situation where every point of damage and second of idleness can alter the battle.

The second mechanic, the button that cycles through nearby targets, can be used as a solution when you can't tap your desired target as explained earlier. Instead of wasting time miss-tapping your desired target, you can tap the target button while watching the reticle switch through enemies until it arrives on the enemy you'd like to attack. Often times this is faster when there are many targets jumbled together. This downfall to the targeting button is the time spent cycles through incorrect targets. This is the primary reason players often will tap their target directly for a faster engagement.

Targeting is an important mechanic to master, especially in PvP. Selecting the incorrect target will cause your character to begin to attack and if your skills are set to auto use (which they are by default) you will waste your skills, the damage dealt, and be left waiting for them to finish their cooldown timers.