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Relics, like Wings and Arms can be found under the character menu. The relic you start with, Magic Book, is the primary relic you enhance using Relic Enhance Gems. Enhancing your relic rewards bonus stats to your character as well as 5 different skills. [[File:|right|360px|thumb|What your Relic looks like from your perspective.]] [[File:|right|360px|thumb|E.Gem, which changes your Relic stats and increases your CP.]]


Unlocking these elves by advancing the grade allows you to transform into them by clicking Transform in the right-hand corner beside the elf avatar.

Relic Name Source
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Fairy Harp x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Arcane Crystal x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Ancient Crown x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Sea Grail x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Drag. Insignia x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Angel Scepter x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Enamor Mask x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Magic Lamp x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Genesis Goddess x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Fertile Horn x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Sun Insignia x
[[File:|160px|frameless]] Time Compass x


In order to increase your relic's level, you must use relic enhance gems which are consumed on use. There exists three types of relic enhance gems; "Relic Enhance Gem", "Intermediate Relic Enhance Gem" and "Advanced Relic Enhance Gem." These gems increase Relic EXP by 10, 100, and 300xp respectively.

By increasing your relic's level, you can unlock 5 different skills.

R. Soul

There exists three types of R. Souls which can be used to further enhance your Relic stats.

These souls add to your relic's stats which in turn increases your Combat Power, depending on which one you use. For each Gem, there is a bar below that fills up by the amount of souls you've used. The third and most rare soul, the Omni R. Soul, is most sought after due to its percent based(DEF +.5%) stat enhancement.

DEF R. Soul

Collected from Events

  • Increases DEF +120

Dodge R. Soul

Collected from Events

  • Increases DEF +80
  • Increases Dodge +200

Omni R. Soul

Collected from Events

  • Increases DEF +240
  • Increases Dodge +300
  • Increases DEF +.5%


As of late April, there are 12 relics that you can unlock and activate, provided that you have the material to do so. Some relic appearances require a particular rebirth level before unlocking. Stats from all of your activated relic appearances are in use no matter which relic appearance you have selected.

Unlike your starting relic the Magic Book, which only has 4 base stats, all other appearances have 4 base stats and 1 percent based Ulti. Stat.