Treasure Cave

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Treasure Cave is a single-player Dungeon that allows you to earn large amounts of Gold. Each day, a player is given 2 chances to enter the dungeon. Depending on your level, you can enter stronger dungeons and earn more gold!


  • 190
  • 240
  • 340 - Hard
  • 440 - Freak
  • 540 - Hell
  • 590 - Inferno
  • 640 - Abyss I
  • 690 - Abyss II

The faster you are, the more rewards you can gain.

To add a chance and do Dungeon again, you must be at least VIP1 to purchase one time daily. The cost is 50 diamonds, and bound diamonds will be prioritized.

If you do not wish to go in the dungeon, you can use a Purge Ticket that can complete the level immediately.