Welkin War

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Lv. Restriction: 140
Supplied Event Description: "An exciting Huge 15VS15 C.S. Camp War, Ancient Dragon Soul, Ancient D crystal and Merit await you!"

Two teams, one red and one blue, consisting of 15 players each spawn on the opposite side of the map (left/right). The map is filled with both friendly NPC monsters on your respective team's side as well as the enemy team's NPC monsters on theirs. You may attack NPCs or enemy players.

The following point sources need to be verified

Source Points
PvP Kill 10
PvP Assist 1
Demon Elite Kill 30

Welkin King boss spawn

Near the end of the match the Welkin King will spawn in the center of the map. Both teams may attack the boss. You'll notice a new panel appear on the left side of your screen displaying the individual ranking for damage done to the boss. Depending on the player's rank after the boss is defeated, they're rewarded points to be added to their overall ranking score.

Damage Done Rewards

Ranking Point Rewards
1 300
2 200
3 150
4-5 100
6-10 80
11-15 60