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Wings are a part of your character. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and play a vital part in increasing your Combat Power. You can find it by clicking the "Character" and the tab "Wings" below.

Upgrading Wings

To upgrade material, there are 3 Wing Enhance Gems that you can use:

Wing Enhance Gem

Found in Peak Arena, Quick-Buy

  • Increase Wings EXP +10

Intermediate Wing Enhance Gem

Found in Weekly Sale in-Store

  • Increase Wings EXP +100

Advanced Wing Enhance Gem

Can be found in Events

  • Increase Wings EXP +300


Using these gems fills a bar below; once it's filled, you will gain 1 level. Upon reaching a certain level, you can unlock certain skills associated with your wings.

Dodge Recovery

  • Each Dodge has a 10% chance to restore 3% of HP

Dodge Force

  • Taking damage has a 5% chance to increase dodge by 5% for 3 seconds

Steel Wings

  • Increase Wings Defense stats by 20%

Force of Cleanse

  • Each dodge has a 10% chance to remove debuff

Rampage Dodge

  • When HP is lower than 10%, dodge will increase by 5% for 3 seconds

Enhance W. Plume

There are 3 types of feathers that are used as Enhance material. This adds stats to your character, and increases your Combat Power.

  • Feather of Smash
  • Feather of Hit
  • Omni Feather

These feathers change the stats of your character and increases your Combat Power, depending on which one you use. For each soul, there is a bar below that fills up by the amount of feathers of that type you've used.

Feather of Smash

Can be given from Events

  • Increases SMH +120

Feather of Hit

Can be given from Events

  • Increases SMH +120 and Hit +200

Omni Feather

Can be given from Events

  • Increases SMH +240, Hit +300, and overall SMH +0.5%