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Base Stats

Attack is the damage dealt to target. This stat does not take into account the target's damage reducing stats.
A player's Health Points (HP), sometimes also referred to as a Health Pool, represents a player's capacity to withstand damage. When HP reaches 0, this usually means death for the player.
"Damage increased during attack"
Note: Unknown if damage is increased while attacking a target or only while under attack. Is SMH damage treated the same as ATK damage once applied? (could it be applied after target's defensive stat reduction.
"Damage reduced from attack"
Note: Unknown if this is a 1:1 trade. Ex. 1 def blocks 1 damage. Does defense block SMH damage?
"Reduce target dodge rate during attack"
Note: Unknown if this is a 1:1 trade. Ex. 1 Hit reduces 1 dodge stat.
"Increase dodge rate while being attacked"
Note: The number to percent chance conversion is unknown. For example what is the percent change to dodge an attack with a dodge stat of 34000. Is percent chance calculated by taking attacking player's Hit ÷ Dodge · 100 = % chance to dodge an attack?
"Increased critical hit rate during attack"
Note: Same unknown questions as Hit and Dodge stats. How is percent change to land a Critical hit calculated?
"Reduce target critical rate while being attacked"

Ulti. Stats

Rare Stats